About Us

About Us

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. (YTFS) conducts Professional Development Trainings and Wellbeing Workshops, which empower educators, youth workers and care givers with yoga-based, self-awareness, self-care and self-management strategies to model and share with their students.

We are passionate about:

  • Empowering young people to make healthy, positive choices & decisions;
  • Alleviating the stress that children & youth live with today;
  • Supporting teachers & carers with wellbeing tools for themselves & those they care for;
  • Providing a positive alternative to current youth issues & crime.

Our History

YTFS was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit organisation on 4 November 2011 by a group of volunteer yoga teachers, school teachers and parents who were enthusiastic about helping educators and students experience the benefits of yoga.

In February 2012, YTFS formed its organisational structure and committees were formed.

In May 2012, YTFS hosted its official launch. A full weekend of events were run including a Launch Evening with special guest speaker, Joanne Spence, Executive Director of Yoga in Schools - USA.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. completed a pilot project with three Townsville schools during Term 3, 2012. Research and data from our 2012 Pilot Program has provided the framework for our Professional Development Program, Yoga Tools For Educators.

In November 2012, YTFS held its first AGM and launched its first website.

In 2013, our first training programs were developed. See our Programs page for details. We also became a registered charity in Queensland (CH2441).

In 2016, we were successful in being accepted into the Communities for Children (CFC) Initiative which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is currently implementing the Yoga Tools For Learning and Life (YT4LL) program with interested Schools and Early Learning Centres in the CfCFP catchment area of Townsville West. We will be able to gather important evidence-based data from this program to support the growing evidence of the benefits of Yoga in Education and for the community in general.

Our Future

With ongoing support YTFS plans to offer more program options to support a variety of needs in our community. 

In addition to our Professional Development Trainings & Wellbeing Workshops, Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. are developing further programs such as In-School Programs to suit the needs of schools and other educational institutions. These programs will provide support to educational institutions, forming part of their Wellbeing Framework.

We look forward to supporting the health and wellbeing of educators and students at your school or organisation.

What participants are saying

You don't have to be an expert in Yoga. You just need the desire to make a difference!
Linda Bogle - Brightwater State School
I would so love this to be done by all teachers at our school.
Tania Melick - Parent
[I enjoyed] all of it. I loved actually doing the yoga, not just telling us - we did it. Very positive, informative, friendly & enjoyable conversations.
Melissa Bourke - Townsville Central State School
Great ideas and activities that can be implemented in the classroom.
Maria S - Heatley State School
I feel so much more grounded. I really enjoyed the interaction and supportive friendly environment.
Rita Luebke - TAFE
Really liked the linking back to the curriculum. Like having that information ready if any parents ask!
Ela Dale - Currajong State School
Feeling very relaxed at a PD certainly is a welcome change! Thank you YTFS!
Karen Ditton - Bohlevale State School
These new skills are extremely helpful for myself, my colleagues and our school students and their families!
Noreen Letizia - Heatley State School

Our Community Partners

Our Sponsors

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is currently funded by sponsors, grants and ongoing community fundraising. We are seeking more funding to expand our programs to ensure that all interested educators can experience the benefits of using Yoga Tools. Visit our Sponsor page to find out more. Contact us if you would like to become a YTFS Sponsor.