Wellbeing Workshops

Yoga Tools For Schools offers Wellbeing Workshops. These Workshops support staff with some nourishing Yoga Tools to recharge, reset and relax.

Promote self-awareness, self-care and self-management at your school or organisation by practising and sharing Yoga Tools.

Each 90 minute Wellbeing Workshop includes:

  • a 40 minute staff yoga session (no yoga experience required)
  • a 20 minute introduction to Yoga Tools For Schools Inc.
  • a 30 minute practical Yoga Tools classroom session (includes handout)

Times are subject to availability so please book early.


  • In Townsville area, $180 for 90 minute workshop for up to 30 staff, $250 for 90 minute workshop for 31 to 50 staff.
  • Outside Townsville, workshop costs determined on a case by case basis, due to added travel costs.

We encourage all staff/parents/carers to come along to these workshops. For some, yoga is a unknown and foreign concept and that is why we offer these Wellbeing Workshops, to introduce people to the benefits of Yoga in Education. Anyone that is uncomfortable with participating in the workshops does not have to join in, they can just sit comfortably at the side and see what is involved.
We do not tell attendees that they have to wear gym wear or even shoes as there is no jumping around, attendees can just wear some comfortable clothing. There will be parts of the session that involve yoga on yoga mats and optionally on chairs, other parts are on chairs. Yoga Tools are all about feeling good about yourself, managing your own wellbeing and being able to then share that with your children/students.
Those with injuries are encouraged to sit comfortably and observe. Yoga can support many types of injuries but always at the advice of a doctor.

Contact us today to book your Staff Wellbeing Workshop.

What participants are saying

You don't have to be an expert in Yoga. You just need the desire to make a difference!
Linda Bogle - Brightwater State School
I would so love this to be done by all teachers at our school.
Tania Melick - Parent
[I enjoyed] all of it. I loved actually doing the yoga, not just telling us - we did it. Very positive, informative, friendly & enjoyable conversations.
Melissa Bourke - Townsville Central State School
Great ideas and activities that can be implemented in the classroom.
Maria S - Heatley State School
I feel so much more grounded. I really enjoyed the interaction and supportive friendly environment.
Rita Luebke - TAFE
Really liked the linking back to the curriculum. Like having that information ready if any parents ask!
Ela Dale - Currajong State School
Feeling very relaxed at a PD certainly is a welcome change! Thank you YTFS!
Karen Ditton - Bohlevale State School
These new skills are extremely helpful for myself, my colleagues and our school students and their families!
Noreen Letizia - Heatley State School

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