Yoga Tools For Learning and Life


The Communities for Children (CFC) Initiative, funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, has been in operation for over a decade. It aims to provide early intervention and prevention activities and programs designed to bring about positive outcomes for children aged 0 to 12 years and their families.

Communities for Children Facilitating Partner (CfCFP), The Smith Family, facilitates this initiative in various sites throughout Australia. In Townsville, The Smith Family is the CfCFP, Communities for Children - Townsville West and aims to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for children and families in disadvantaged communities in Townsville.

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is currently implementing our Yoga Tools For Learning and Life (YT4LL) Program with interested schools in the CfCFP catchment area. We will be able to gather important evidence-based data from this program to support the growing evidence of the benefits of Yoga in Education and for the Community in general.


The YT4LL program is offered for FREE to eligible schools/centres/organisations and is aimed at developing a yoga-based health and wellbeing system for educators, who in turn will be able to share and model the benefits of this system with their students. The program is aligned with the social and emotional capability components of the Australian Curriculum and other associated Curricula. YT4LL teaches the importance of self-awareness, self-care and self-management, social awareness and social management as a foundation for teaching and learning.

Program participants are able to practise a variety of Yoga Tools, including movement, breathing, visualisation and listening techniques and affirmations, organised in three purpose specific 'toolboxes': Recharge, Reset and Relax.

The program consists of the following elements:

Wellbeing Workshops

Professional Development Trainings

Self-Care Yoga Sessions

Support Sessions

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your School, Early Learning Centre or Organisation is eligible and would like to participate in the Yoga Tools For Learning and Life Program.

Program Elements

Wellbeing Workshops

As an introduction to Yoga Tools and the benefits of Yoga in general, we offer our Wellbeing Workshops to all educators, staff, parents and carers associated with the participating schools/organisations/centres.

Generally, workshops are offered to staff on a suitable date, such as a student free day or a PD day. These dates fill fast so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Parent/Carer Wellbeing Workshops are offered at a time suitable to the school/centre/organisation for maximum participation. We would love parents/carers to discover the benefits of Yoga in Education and understand how this can benefit them as well as their children.

Refer to Wellbeing Workshops for further information on this offering.

Professional Development Trainings

We offer our Professional Development Trainings to selected educators at each participating school/organisation/centre. Our Professional Development Trainings allow educators to learn Yoga Tools to share in the classroom. When we use Yoga Tools at school, we are learning ways to enhance self-awareness, self-care and self-management by tuning into the body, the breath
 and the mind.

Module 1 is our prerequisite module and focuses of the wellbeing of the educator. We are passionate about improving educator wellbeing, as well as student wellbeing and we strongly believe that if educators have tools to enhance their own self-awareness, self-care and self-management, they will be better placed to model this importance with students. Educators that complete Module 1 are encouraged to establish a self-care plan and develop their own self-awareness and self-management before moving onto subsequent modules. As the focus of the educator is always on their students this can be difficult for some.

Subsequent modules are offered to PD participants depending on the their selected YT4LL program preference.

Educators of younger children wishing to share Yoga Tools with students can do so after completing Module 1 and Module 2 - Lower Primary.

Upper Primary educators wishing to share Yoga Tools with students can do so after completing Module 1 and Module 3 - Upper Primary.

Early Learning educators are offered a Combined Early Learning Module, which combines Module 1 and our special Early Learning Module.

These modules focus on Yoga Tools developed for particular age groups, as tools that suit one particular age group may not suit another.

For those who have selected to go further with Yoga Tools (depending on the program offered, note: the Early Learning stream does not offer further learning as part of the program), they are offered the other available YTFS Modules. For more information on our Modules, please refer to Professional Development on this website. Once these educators have completed all modules offered, they are eligible to complete YTFS Program Leader Cert 1 Training. Cert 1 qualified educators are able to instruct other educators at their workplace, making the school a Yoga Tools (YTFS) School.

We ask that educators complete an Initial Survey Form, Progress Forms during the period of the program and a Post Program Survey Form in order to track progress and so that we can offer support and gain valuable incite into the development and most importantly, the wellbeing of the educator during the program. Any suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time.

Self-care Yoga Sessions

Need a Feel Great Break? Join us for our YT4LL Self-care Yoga Sessions and discover how yoga can enhance self-awareness, self-care and self-management.

These sessions are offered to all educators, staff, parents and carers associated with the participating schools/organisations/centres. Previous yoga experience is not required. Sessions run for 1 hour and are offered at various times throughout the duration of the program.

Our goal with these sessions is to start participants on a path to self-awareness, self-care and self-management through yoga. These gentle sessions will blend techniques which promote muscle tone, flexibility, correct breathing, mental clarity, stress relief and inner peace.

In-School Support Sessions

We offer these sessions during the program period to PD Training participants (those who have completed either both Module 1 & Module 2 or 3 trainings or the combined Early Learning training). During these sessions a YTFS staff member will visit your learning space/classroom and guide you and your students with some Yoga Tools, in order to help you improve confidence in teaching Yoga Tools with your students. You are encouraged to offer suggestions or ask for assistance with the implementation of Yoga Tools.

We ask that you complete Program Progress Forms during the Program period, in order for us to gauge your progress with Yoga Tools.

Documentation for participants

For copies of flyers, forms and other documentation that are part of the Program, please click here

What participants are saying

You don't have to be an expert in Yoga. You just need the desire to make a difference!
Linda Bogle - Brightwater State School
I would so love this to be done by all teachers at our school.
Tania Melick - Parent
[I enjoyed] all of it. I loved actually doing the yoga, not just telling us - we did it. Very positive, informative, friendly & enjoyable conversations.
Melissa Bourke - Townsville Central State School
Great ideas and activities that can be implemented in the classroom.
Maria S - Heatley State School
I feel so much more grounded. I really enjoyed the interaction and supportive friendly environment.
Rita Luebke - TAFE
Really liked the linking back to the curriculum. Like having that information ready if any parents ask!
Ela Dale - Currajong State School
Feeling very relaxed at a PD certainly is a welcome change! Thank you YTFS!
Karen Ditton - Bohlevale State School
These new skills are extremely helpful for myself, my colleagues and our school students and their families!
Noreen Letizia - Heatley State School

Our Community Partners

Our Sponsors

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is currently funded by sponsors, grants and ongoing community fundraising. We are seeking more funding to expand our programs to ensure that all interested educators can experience the benefits of using Yoga Tools. Visit our Sponsor page to find out more. Contact us if you would like to become a YTFS Sponsor.