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How do you become a Yoga Tools School?

When you have a YTFS Program Leader on staff your school becomes a Yoga Tools School and can receive FREE ongoing support. To become a YTFS Program Leader, your staff member/s must complete Cert 1 of our Certification Track.

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Yoga Tools Schools - Current Program Leaders

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Kirwan State High School - Melissa Ballard

Kirwan State High School is a Yoga Tools School. Program Leader Melissa Ballard has been sharing Yoga Tools with staff and students for more than 2 years. Yoga Tools fit within the school's wellbeing framework as a way to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of students and teachers.

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Currajong State School - Kelley Hazell

Currajong State School incorporates Yoga Tools to support student wellbeing within classrooms. Teachers use these tools throughout the day to help students with calming or to focus. We use Yoga Tools during Bounce Back time. Our certified Program Leader, Kelley Hazell, also introduces our teachers to Yoga Tools during staff meetings. Our teachers are encouraged to take 'Yoga Breaks' during to day for their personal wellbeing and also with their students to learn the importance of self-care and self-regulation.

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Heatley State School - Andrea Bueno

Andrea has relocated to Brisbane this year. We wish her well with her exciting, new adventure and know that she will continue to spread the Yoga Tools word with her new school. We hope that this will lead to a new addition to our Yoga Tools Schools family.

Heatley State School will have two new Yoga Tools For Schools Program Leaders soon and we are looking forward to introducing them.

Heatley State School is built on a community that recognises and respects uniqueness and strives to support the growth of its members in their educational, emotional and social pursuits. We utilise community support such as Yoga Tools for Schools in supporting student learning and wellbeing. HSS through the Heatley Way: Learn, Care, Play, empowers and encourages students to take individual responsibility for learning and behaviour by promoting creativity, respect, responsibility positivity, cooperation, being active and enjoying school. We encourage all teachers in our school to practice and share Yoga Tools because these tools have been proven to enhance the personal wellbeing of our staff and also help our students to focus, self regulate and engage with learning.

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Aitkenvale State School - Libby Rodgers

Aitkenvale State School recognises that learning and well-being are inextricably linked – students learn best when their well-being is optimised, and they develop a strong sense of self and personal expectation when they experience success in learning. Yoga Tools are a new addition to Aitkenvale’s wellbeing framework, however they are already assisting our students to become safe, responsible and respectful achievers inside and out of the classroom. With a lunchtime yoga club well on the way, led by Program Leader Libby Rodgers, our vibrant and diverse school community is better equipped to make healthy, positive choices with the help of Yoga Tools.

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YTFS Program Leaders are also supporting other parts of the community and sharing the benefits of Yoga in Education. Meet our other YTFS Program Leaders to find out more.

YTFS Program Leaders

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What participants are saying

You don't have to be an expert in Yoga. You just need the desire to make a difference!
Linda Bogle - Brightwater State School
I would so love this to be done by all teachers at our school.
Tania Melick - Parent
[I enjoyed] all of it. I loved actually doing the yoga, not just telling us - we did it. Very positive, informative, friendly & enjoyable conversations.
Melissa Bourke - Townsville Central State School
Great ideas and activities that can be implemented in the classroom.
Maria Sims - Heatley State School
I feel so much more grounded. I really enjoyed the interaction and supportive friendly environment.
Rita Luebke - TAFE
Really liked the linking back to the curriculum. Like having that information ready if any parents ask!
Ela Dale - Currajong State School
Feeling very relaxed at a PD certainly is a welcome change! Thank you YTFS!
Karen Ditton - Bohlevale State School
These new skills are extremely helpful for myself, my colleagues and our school students and their families!
Noreen Letizia - Heatley State School

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Yoga Tools For Schools Inc. is currently funded by sponsors, grants and ongoing community fundraising. We are seeking more funding to expand our programs to ensure that all interested educators can experience the benefits of using Yoga Tools. Visit our Sponsor page to find out more. Contact us if you would like to become a YTFS Sponsor.